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Claymore Warranty

Claymore products are rigorously tested. We want to ensure that our luggage meet stringent standards. Claymore Quality Controls include product inspections, where every product is examined visually, also using all kind of tests for fine detail before our products are sold into the markets. Some of the test we do are; drop test, wheel test, zipper test, tumble test, handle & trolleys systemt test, material strength test, corrosion test...

If a problem would occur with your Claymore luggage please check the warranty card that comes with the product. Claymore products are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years from the date of original purchase. Within this period, Claymore will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace any components that fail in normal use. Repairs or replacement will be made at no charge to the customer for labor or parts, provided the customer shall be responsible for transportation costs. The warranty provided for herein applies on the terms and conditions set out in the warranty card.

Claymore Features

Our suitcases are equiped with lots of technical features that will make your travel easier and more comfortable.

Expander system

Provides up to 25% extra space when you need it.

Organiser divider

Zipped divider and pockets help to keep you organised.

PC shells

Tough polycarbonate shells protect your belongings.

Ultra lightweight

Light and impact resistant design for easy handling.

Internal Trolley

Internally protected telescopic trolley system, with corner wheels for stavbility.

Smart Luggage

USB connectors for charging your mobile devices!

Corner wheels

Silent bearing wheels that let you move your trolley 360°.

Bluetooth Lock

Unlock your luggage with your smarth phone.

Registered designs

Exclusive registered designs - world patented.

Double layer zipper

Using two layers of teeth to secure your belongings.

Finger print lock

Unlock your luggage with one simple finger touch.

TSA approved locks

TSA-locks ensure worry-free travel to and from the USA.

Instructions on adjusting the Claymore TSA-combination lock

Download Instructions The initial combination is 0-0-0. To set your personal combination, click on image to download instructions (pdf) or follow these steps:

1. Put the dials (d) to the opening combination 0-0-0.
2. Press down the reset button ( a) with pen or tool until you hear a "click" sound.
3. Set your combination by turning the dials (d).
4. Push the button (b) until your hear the "click" sound. The lock will now open to your personal combination.

Now you have finished to set your personal combination, record your combination in a safe
and accessible place for further reference. Please check the proper condition of the TSA lock
prior to locking your luggage. The manufacturer is not responsible for any improper use of
the combination lock. This combination lock has no key.

If your luggage are chosen to be opened and inspected, the TSA inspectors use secured tools to open and relock the luggage without damaging the lock. After inspection please pay attention to position of cylinder, turn any tool, which can be inserted in the cylinder, clockwise until aligned with red dot.