Claymore suitcases

Travelling for business or leisure Claymore has a solution for you. Discover our latest collections and designs.

Check our technical features that meet the modern traveller's needs.

Expander system

Provides up to 25% extra space when you need it.

Organiser divider

Zipped divider and pockets help to keep you organised.

PC shells

Tough polycarbonate shells protect your belongings.

Ultra lightweight

Light and impact resistant design for easy handling.

Bluetooth lock

Unlock your luggage with your smarth phone.

Smart Luggage

USB connectors for charging your mobile devices!

Cabin suitcase

Cabin suitcases

The cabin trolleys have a height between 50-55 cm and are accepted as cabin luggage by most airlines.

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Middle size suitcase

Middle size suitcases

Middle size trolleys have a height between 61-68 cm and easy to check in. This size trolley is ideal for bus and car trips.

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Large size suitcase

Large size suitcases

Large size trolleys have a height between 71-77 cm and a capacity up to 125 liters. The tough pc shells will protect your belongings.

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Suitcase sets

Suitcase Sets

Our sets contain 3 trolleys, cabin trolley, middle size trolley and a large size trolley that can be stored one into another.

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USB connector

USB Connector

Claymore offers on most cabin trolleys an USB port for charging your mobile devices! An easily accessible zip pocket inside will protect your powerbank.

Bluetooth TSA Lock

Open your suitcase with your smart phone! Claymore offers this optional lock which will replace your TSA combination lock.

Bluetooth TSA Lock
Double Layer Zipper

Double Layer Zipper

Most Claymore trolleys come with a double layer zipper. It uses two layers of teeth to prevent someone penetrating the zip and gaining access to your belongings.

Personalized Luggage

Discover Claymore's unique patented personalized luggage. Select your product, upload your picture and receive your personalized luggage.

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Personalized luggage