The world's best selling Polycarbonate / ABS expandable luggage, consisting of twin molded shells with zipper closures was introduced in Europe in 2003. Due to its compelling, forward looking designs and ultra-lightweight properties, it was an immediate and overwhelming success.

Claymore is an 'authentic' luggage brand! We do not mislead the consumer - we are an honest brand. 'Authentic' - a brand which has his roots within this product category. Claymore has a history and heritage in this field.

More than 60 years of Innovation

1952 - 1960

During the first years the company produced equestriansports articles and briefcases. With only two employees the production was started. The company's success was due to the craftsmanship and knowledge of leather.

1961 - 1970

In this period the production of tool-cases and briefcases was the main business. A wide range of special-cases and tool-cases was developed to meet the needs of our customers. The assignments the company received from the government proved the quality did meet high standards.

1971 - 1980

As the demand for service-cases grew, the company started to think about the production of attaché-cases for this purpose. As soon as the new factory was finished the machines arrived for the production of the new service-case. The introduction was a success and even the leather-shops were interested in the case. To offer a complete range the company decided to become the sole-distributor for Echolac and Roncato - two companies who also produced attaché-cases.

1981 - 1990

The company now consists of two divisions. The production-division for tool-cases and special assignments and the leather goods-division. In both divisions it is the aim to develop and produce articles that meet the standards of our customers and distributors. By 1990 the name Willemen was know as "the supplier of cases" in the Benelux. The range of leather goods comprises briefcases, attaché-cases and luggage from a standard execution to the most luxurious pieces of craftsmanship. The collections are sold under the names Partridge and Claymore.

1991 - 2000

As the selection is still extending, in march 1993 the company moved into a new factory with a warehouse of 4000 squaremeters. In 1994 the office in Belgium was opened, at the same time as the permanent showroom in Brussels Trade-Mart. Since 1996 the company is not only investing in research and development, but also in advertising. Nowadays the third generation is running the company with offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

2001 - 2010

In this period Claymore started with the production of ABS / Polycarbonte molded luggage. From 2005 Claymore was one of the first with the printed luggage. Years of development let to a revolutionary product, colorfull luggage as a fashion accessory. The iconic range City Prints was born, some years later different companies in the luggage business try to copy the Claymore designs. Sometimes to the degree of 100%.

2011 - 2018

During 2010 -2012 Claymore received different requests from the B to B branch to supply them with printed trolleys in small quantities as an addition to the existing colorfull luggage. Since 2012 Claymore is able to deliver personalised luggage produced per piece. With the unique patented system Claymore delivers the personalized trolleys all over Europe.

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